Resolving Disputes for Individuals and Businesses

At the Law Firm of Maria D. Noto, P.C., we are trial lawyers, and we bring the same degree of preparation, determination and vigorous advocacy to civil cases as we do to criminal defense.

We are just as committed to protecting our clients and aggressively promoting their interests, as well. We understand that civil cases involve crucial issues for individuals, families and businesses. Whether the matter involves physical injuries or significant economic losses, we have the knowledge and resources to fully develop your case and fight for a positive resolution at the negotiating table or at trial.

Very few attorneys with as much courtroom experience as Maria Noto, and fewer still have earned such recognition in the legal field. She has tried more than 200 cases in both criminal and civil litigation, with an impressive record of success. Among numerous accolades, she has been selected for the Super Lawyers list every year since 2005.

Exceptionally Experienced Advocate in Civil Cases

At the Law Firm of Maria D. Noto, P.C., we represent individuals and businesses in Monmouth County and across New Jersey in a wide variety of civil cases, including:

Personal injury claims: We take on a wide variety of personal injury and wrongful death claims ranging from straightforward car wrecks to medical malpractice and even police brutality cases.

Insurance disputes: We represent plaintiffs and defendants in insurance coverage disputes, including allegations of bad faith.

Contract disputes: Whether you want to claim breach of contract or need to defend yourself against a contract claim, we can help.

Defense of negligence claims: We defend contractors, subcontractors, professionals and small business owners who are accused of causing financial harm through poor quality, defects in workmanship or other deficits.

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You can have an exceptionally experienced trial lawyer on your case. To get started, call 732-242-3656 or contact us online to arrange for your initial consultation. We are happy to provide an initial consultations in personal injury cases.

We speak Spanish, French and Italian. Our office is located in Matawan, and we schedule meetings at a place of your convenience.