Criminal Defense Trial Consulting

Lawyers and law firms often need assistance on complex criminal cases. Veteran trial lawyer Maria D. Noto is board certified as a criminal trial lawyer by the New Jersey Supreme Court and has tried more than 200 cases. In addition to defending clients in state and federal cases across New Jersey, she now provides criminal trial services for other attorneys in unusual, complex or challenging cases.

Maria Noto is well-known in the area for her legal abilities. As an experienced trial lawyer and advocate, she knows how to effectively prepare a defense case and has the resources and experience to provide an excellent case analysis when consulting with other attorneys in criminal defense. In addition to trial and appellate work in New Jersey and the Third Circuit, she has assisted elsewhere on a pro hac vice basis.

Attorney Maria Noto offers a broad range of services for other lawyers and law firms, including her proven skill at trial preparation with an emphasis on effective cross-examination investigation and the preparation of opening and closing statements geared to win the trial.

Whether you seek advice on case analysis or need guidance on preparing for trial, Ms. Noto is an excellent legal resource. All discussions are strictly confidential and will be handled with the utmost level of professionalism.

Contact Attorney Maria Noto to Discuss Criminal Defense Consulting

To further discuss the consulting services we provide, please contact us at 732-242-3656. Our office is located in Monmouth County, but we work in state and federal courts throughout New Jersey and can arrange to meet you where and when it is most convenient.