Charged With Murder? Put A Winner On Your Side.

Murder, manslaughter and homicide defense cases are among some of the most serious in the criminal system. These cases are highly complex and deal with significant consequences. Most often, these are trial cases that require the attention of a highly skilled and experienced attorney who fully understands what's on the line.

Criminal defense lawyer Maria Noto is held in high esteem by her colleagues and adversaries and is known for her trial abilities in criminal law. She undertakes some of the most complex criminal trials in the state and often does consulting work with other lawyers because of her extensive skills and experience. In fact, she is board-certified as a criminal trial lawyer by the Supreme Court of New Jersey.

Proven Track Record On Your Side

Maria Noto has tried 10 murder cases and won eight of them. Very few lawyers in the state of New Jersey have the same level of trial experience as her, let alone the specific success record in murder trials. She has a high success rate representing those facing murder charges because of her attention to detail and legal ability — and her ability to successfully convince a jury that her client is not guilty.

Her hands-on, aggressive approach has proven to be most effective in the courtroom. She looks at every case from a fresh and unique standpoint, and uses her extensive knowledge of the law to create an effective defense strategy that will best protect her clients' rights.

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