College Students Charged With Criminal Offenses

If a student is charged with a crime, he or she has a lot at stake. Getting charged and convicted of a crime could jeopardize your future at your school, getting/keeping financial aid, or getting/keeping a scholarship, getting into college and getting a job. You need a strong legal advocate on your side who can ensure that your best interests are protected.

The Law Firm of Maria D. Noto, P.C., represents high school and college students charged with criminal offenses. Maria Noto is board certified as a criminal trial lawyer by the New Jersey Supreme Court and has particular experience representing students in both felony and disorderly persons offenses.

We understand what you are up against, and we will work hard to make sure that a criminal conviction does not stand in the way of your future.

Aggressive Defense of Students in New Jersey Criminal Cases

Attorney Maria Noto and our legal team have successfully resolved criminal cases for high school and college students, including:

  • Drug offenses/possession of a controlled dangerous substance
  • Use or possession of a fake ID/counterfeit driver's license
  • Criminal trespass
  • Theft
  • Sexual assault
  • Public intoxication/underage drinking

Maria Noto has decades of experience representing students and knows the legal approach necessary to effectively defend students in criminal cases. Additionally, where appropriate and necessary, we represent students at school disciplinary proceedings.

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